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WarrenWarren wrote on January 18, 2015 on 9:53 pm:
Monica: On Jan.16 you rang my doorbell and introduced yourself and your CD. This must be a difficult thing to do, as a lot of people like me do not want another salesperson or religion on our doorstep. You seemed so sincere and had the confidence to sell your CD, I could not resist. What a great, professional CD! You have a beautiful voice to follow your dream and I am now one of your followers! Thanks for ringing my bell! (no pun intended) Now I want your autograph! Warren, St. Albert, Ab.
Gary BallanGary Ballan wrote on June 20, 2014 on 1:44 pm:
Hello Monica, You came to my door on June 12 and you introduced yourself to me as a singer selling your CD's. I happily bought one and I have played it several times and I enjoy listening to your songs. I had mentioned to you that I am a lyricist and that I have several songs on demo CD's. You asked if I would share some of my song lyrics with you and you were interested to hear my demos. I said that I would gladly send them to you by e-mail. I don't know if you have seen them yet. I was unable to send my songs that are on demo CD's but you can find and listen to them on my Songwriters Association of Canada profile
Patricia JackelPatricia Jackel wrote on June 10, 2014 on 3:52 pm:
I am sure glad I answered the doorbell the night you came selling your CD. It is superb. I love all the songs and your voice is amazing, such depth, such feeling. You deserve to be at the top of the charts. Patricia
Dawna LynnDawna Lynn wrote on June 1, 2014 on 4:18 am:
Monica: You came to my home one miserable snowy day this year. You told me your dream and I felt so bad for you that you were out in such awfull weather, that I bought your CD. I LOVE IT! Up beat, from the heart. It is rare to find music these days that isn't negitive and black. I listen to the first song every morning on my way to work, I play certain songs while my yoga students are in Savasana and I ask that they listen and take the lyrics with them when they leave and when they tackle life's problems. When life seems to get them a little down, the words in the song (s) will give them hope and comfort. THANK YOU. Your newest fan Dawna-lynn
CamCam wrote on May 28, 2014 on 9:39 pm:
Monica, I just met you last night at my house with my young daughter Tiffany. I just listened to your CD, and although it’s my favorite type of music, I must commend you on your smooth and silky performance. You have a gift and I enjoyed listening to each song. Well done!
Scott PeacockScott Peacock wrote on May 22, 2014 on 5:06 am:
Hi Monica: I listened to your CD. Fantastic. Love the Depth and clarity of your voice! I am hearing some Karen Carpenter, Anne Murray, and of course Stevie Nicks. Keep in touch I would love to hear how you are doing. Follow your dream, Scott Peacock :)
Tanya HvarregaardTanya Hvarregaard wrote on May 22, 2014 on 5:04 am:
WOW!!!! GREAT CD!!!!!!! So glad I bought it. Very relaxing :) Easy listening and your voice is very soothing. Good luck on your journey to achieving the goal you said….platinum!!!!….you have my vote :) Thank you so much for your music Tanya
Brenda MaierBrenda Maier wrote on April 23, 2014 on 9:58 pm:
I just bought your CD tonight when you came to my door. Your are scary talented and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire CD! Best of luck to you!!
KerryKerry wrote on December 1, 2013 on 6:19 pm:
We bought your Down to the River CD when you were selling door to door and we really love it. Do you have another album out? We would also like to see you in concert – can you please let us know if you have something coming up in or around Edmonton. Thanks! and keep it up – you are a very talented artist.
Frank J NobertFrank J Nobert wrote on November 20, 2013 on 4:10 pm:
Just listening to "Borrowed Time," off the CD you came by our door to promote. Very nice! I'm impressed by the door-to-door approach in this cold weather. Takes guts, Monica! Good luck and keep smiling. :)
Charlene AndreychukCharlene Andreychuk wrote on October 22, 2013 on 6:53 pm:
Hi Monica, my name is Charlene Andreychuk. You visited our home this past week in Sherwood Park to offer us your CD and we purchased it. I have been listening to it this weekend. I love it! I'm so happy you stopped by so we could have the honor of having your beautiful voice in our home. All the songs are great, but my favourite is Borrowed Time. It really makes you stop and think about what's important in life. Again thank you for sharing with us. Wishing you all the success life has to offer you! Take care.
Calvin WaitCalvin Wait wrote on October 22, 2013 on 6:38 pm:
What a wonderful CD!! Thursday evening ( 17th October ) a knock comes at my door, we live in Sherwood Park, I just put my 2 toddlers to bed and did not feel like answering the door after a very busy day. I am so glad I did, at the door was a young lady displaying so much confidence and selling her CD. I bought one as I was impressed with the confidence to go door to door and I am aware of how tough that is. I put the CD on and listened, in 5 minutes I was calm and feeling peaceful, what an amazing voice. I am on the mailing list and I know one day, this fine young lady that came to my door, will be someone that every Canadian will know her name. Best of luck in the future and I am now a fan!!
AnonymousAnonymous wrote on October 1, 2013 on 5:45 pm:
You came to my door last night, and to my delight I bought one of your CD's and I absolutely love it. I can't stop playing it over and over. Your voice is so pure. I cannot remember the last time I was so excited about a true artist. In my opinion, genius in the music industry is rare. There is good and then there is great. I believe that you are great. Thank you for knocking on my door.
TimTim wrote on June 19, 2013 on 1:14 am:
You came to our house with your CD this evening. We spoke about the Rdio service. Your CD is most certainly on Rdio. I hope some of my subscription fees make it back to your pocket as we listen to your CD.
Linda HebertLinda Hebert wrote on June 16, 2013 on 1:40 am:
I admire you and thank you for coming to our door on Cottonwood Ave. a while back. Your CD is still in my player. This is my kind of music. I love the songs and the musicianship. This is a quality production. As a singer I really appreciate your lovely voice and the subtlety and quality of the background vocals. I wish you needed another background singer but obviously not! Let me know when you are performing in the Edmonton area or stop by for coffee. Keep on singing!
Kathy VertyporaKathy Vertypora wrote on April 17, 2013 on 3:08 am:
I just heard your CD "Down to the River" and enjoyed it very much! You have a fantastic voice that is a pleasure to listen to!
Patty WPatty W wrote on April 12, 2013 on 12:46 pm:
Hi Monica, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your CD last night. You have a beautiful voice. Thank you for knocking on my door.
Glenn ForbesGlenn Forbes wrote on December 1, 2012 on 6:32 pm:
Hi, You recently came our house promoting your 'Down to the River' cd. I have just had the opportunity to listen to it and would like to say that I enjoyed it very much. It's a terrific album ! Thanks for stopping by !
Robert C.Robert C. wrote on August 30, 2012 on 6:20 am:
Monica; I purchased your CD because of your captiating smile, sparkling eyes and enthusiastic determination to make your album Platuinum. I fully expected to play it and then toss it as little new music I hear does anything but `hurt my ears`.` I`ve just listtened to the album and have to say that I was most pleasantly surprised and captivated by the sound and content. It is most professional in all respects: the recoding quality; the background musicians and vocals; the liner notes (and photgraphy); the song selection; and, most important, the magic of your voice….truly captivating. Best wishes for great future success. Thank you for droppping by and I hope your evening was successful. Robert
Mary Lou PlanerMary Lou Planer wrote on June 21, 2012 on 10:44 pm:
I received your CD Down to the River as a door prize at the Success Club meeting the other night and was really pleased and surprised by the quality of the album. You have such a lovely voice and I am so glad that I have this in my collection. It will be listened to many times and I will certainly promote it as an good addition to others music. Thank you for sharing


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